Monday, April 7, 2008

Long time... no post

That's mostly because I'm supposed to be in bed with my foot up... still. Turns out I have a grade 3 sprain (or 3rd degree... I wasn't paying real close attention as the PA was ever so gently jabbing and pushing on my foot/ankle of Friday). That's right, one week later and was still considered the worst sprain you can have. I called Friday morning a little concerned that the swelling hadn't gone done in one week, and that I still couldn't put any real weight on it, and I couldn't move the blasted thing. Needless to say that wanted to see me right away for more X-rays. Sometimes it takes a week or two for a fracture to appear, so they figured with the lack of improvement that clearly this was a case of fracture. After taking a nice long (touchy) look at my Shrek foot (cause that's what it looks like... including my little toes) she was sure that was the case. After the X-rays I amazed them all by not having any fractures. You would think that everyone would be relieved at this... not the case! Turns out it could be serious ligament damage or even a torn ligament... either way BAD NEWS!

We were then sent to another office for MRI's (yes, plural... I had two... each taking 35 minutes). They started with the ankle. Not a lot of pain, just had to be really still... which is hard when I keep having muscle spasms. Once that series was finished they started the foot section. I thought "no big deal, surely they won't make me move... it can all be done just the way I'm laying." Close, but they pinned my toes down... um UNCOOL. That hurt like a son of a gun... so for 35 minutes I laid there holding my breath, then a big deep breath, then hold it again!

Now we wait... 'til Wednesday when I have a consult with an orthopedic surgeon... yes my friends you read that right... a CUTTER. As luck would have it, the little PA that saw me let this little nugget fly "I've only seen one ankle this bad before and it did require surgery to repair the damage." HA HA HA HA... WHAT? Do I think I need surgery... um, I'm never a very good judge of my own severity... I either think it is too bad, or not bad at all and I can manage. But with this particular situation I really have NO CLUE!

What I do know is that we have our summer vacation booked 8 weeks from now, so what ever needs to happen... NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW so that I can get over it and be ready to party down on the beach!


La Familia said...

Praying and PLEASE keep me posted. If you're going to have surgery, please call me so I know.

justme said...

OW!! I'm so sorry you're suffering through this! We'll keep you in our prayers. Maybe in the end of all this you'll have a bionic foot! Won't your boys be impressed by that - you'll REALLY be a super mommy, huh? ;)

Daddio said...

HA! That's what I told her. Cut it off and give her a new robotic foot, like Luke Skywalker's hand. Snookie would LOVE that!

The Rhodes' said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! i feel your pain. only surgery for me. just months of physical therapy and air cast wearing. Let us know if you need anything!

Steph B said...

I'm so sorry you have to suffer through this! I hope it isn't as bad as they think and that you can heal without surgery! I'll send up some prayers for you.