Thursday, April 17, 2008

Formula 1 Race Car Driver

After exhaustive testing 2 weeks ago (growth hormone stimulus tests), it has been determined that Bobcat can be labeled with idiopathic short stature. And in 4 months he hasn't grown a single inch or gained a single pound (based on their records).

Thankfully nothing is wrong with him. All of his blood tests came back normal, he will just be on the shorter side of the charts (hopefully 5'3" at full adult height). His endo. does want us to consider GHT, but in all likelihood it can't really increase his overall height enough to make the daily injections tolerable (in my opinion). More than likely what would happen would be that his childhood growth would speed up, but he would still top out at the same height.

So now what? Well Daddio thinks he will make a great formula 1 driver. You need to be small and agile, and Bobcat seems to possess those qualities... so that is what he's pulling for. While that would be really cool, there is no height requirement for being a priest either (or a POPE for that matter).

At any rate, we are pleased beyond belief to know that he is healthy... and I don't mind that he will be my spritely boy for a long time!

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La Familia said...

I'm so glad to hear he is healthy!