Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bad blogger mommy

I've not been very diligent about blogging lately... but it's been because I've been so busy. Therapy, generally slow moving around in everything I do, finishing up school with the boys, and now I'm watching a sweet little 18 month old for some friends (for a few weeks).

Updates are as follows...
-Snookie finished school last week! He's officially a first grader now!

-Bobcat and Bubba finished everything except for math (which we are doing year round).

-I'm supposed to be weening myself out of the boot slowly... I'm sore, new bruising is showing up, and I have this week (3 sessions) of PT and then I'm supposed to be done and all better (ha ha ha ha). Well, I'm supposed to have learned how to PT myself and take care of the rest of the work on my own.

-We WILL be going camping Mother's Day Weekend... AND I WILL BE WALKING ON MY OWN (gosh darn it, even if I have to kill myself in the process).

-Is it time for summer vacation yet??????

Just an interesting sidenote... all you mom's out there that started off with just one kid... wow, that must have been hard! At least with our new little daily friend, the boys do a great job of keeping him happy and entertained! I really am just there for some emotional support (when he remembers that 'Daddy' isn't there), and overall supervisioner and cooker (as Bubba calls me)!


La Familia said...

I was going to give you one more day of not reporting to your blog before I give in and call you (on your dime) :). I'm glad all is well up there and if you think you'll be much better by camping time, then surely that means you'll be hitting the boogie boards with me come June.

The Rhodes' said...

I am so very thankful for my 4 capable sitters!Kaden tells me everyday that he is having so much fun! BTW...we are super sad that ya'll are missing the Tres de Mayo!