Monday, April 14, 2008

Progress Report

Homeschooling, while we have had our share of challenges this semester, is moving along quite well. Better than expected actually... and most subjects are well ahead of schedule. When I planned out the semester in December I had each of the boys finishing up mid-May... but thanks to a few days of great attitudes and concept comprehension that exceeded my expectations we are nearly done with everything NOW!

  • Finished Handwriting Book
  • Finished Phonic Book
  • Nearly done with Grammer
  • Spelling I'm purposely taking my time so that he is really getting it
  • Math is still somewhat of a struggle but that should be finished in the next few weeks (but I plan on Math going throughout the summer with drills, flashcards and activities)


  • Finished Handwriting Book
  • Will finish Phonics by the first of next week
  • Spelling (same as Bobcat)
  • Math (same situation as Bobcat)


  • Finished Math TODAY!!!! Yeah little man!
  • Finishing up Phonics this week
  • Finishing Handwriting this week

Me... well I have goals too ya know. For homeschooling I'm still finishing up my book order list for the next grade levels and working out the way I want to organize them. On the whole I'm pretty much done, I'm just researching some alternative Math programs to see if we can have a better year with Math than we've had the last few years!

On the injury front, I went to my first therapy (evaluation) session on Friday... and it turns out I misunderstood on a previous phone conversation... but I actually tore all three of the ligaments found in the previous post. The very nice therapist said this will mean a longer recovery time because... well, it just takes a long time! I am still very sore, actually the ankle pain seems to be getting worse... because I have daily exercises to help the muscles start to loosen up and those muscles have now become angry with me. But the pain from the RSD (some sort of nerve condition that is causing the bruising and pain found in other areas of the foot, my orth says I have a mild or early stage of it) is starting to settle a little. It went from any weight being put on the foot felt like stepping into broken glass... to now it just feels like jagged gravel! I call that improvement. And the massage they want me doing along with the exercise does seem to be helping... desensitizing the area, that went from feeling like my toe nails were being ripped out after the massage to just feeling like my toes and foot were smashed... again I know it sounds bad, but it happens to be an improvement!

Tonight I have my first of 9 therapy appointments... bring on the pain meds :-).


La Familia said...

Seriously, shoot for the injections (pardon the pun). :) Your ankle will thank you.

The Rhodes' said...

I am glad you are seeing improvement. Are we still on for Saturday?

MommaLlama said...

Rhodes'-- of course we are still on!!!