Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More pain meds please! (Update)

I had my ortho consult this morning and the nice dr. says NO SURGERY! I do need lots of PT, and a re-evaluation in 2 weeks to check my progress. Hopefully the tear in the ligament will get better on its own and I should be good as new in a few months!
**Update** Actually I have two tears... one in the Anterior Talofibular Lig. and one in the Calcaneofibular Lig (say that twice without screwing it up). My PCP just called to ask how my appointment went and made the comment about the two tears... which the ortho didn't go into any real detail on while we were there.


Matilda said...

You poor darlin'! Hooray for now surgery!

justme said...

ow ow ow ow ow. my foot is aching with sympathy pains. And we're glad to hear no surgery, too. :) Get better, foot!

La Familia said...

I'm so relieved you don't have to have surgery! Keep posting updates and you be in my continued prayers.

The Rhodes' said...

so glad no surgery. we were afraid it would hinder your crab dip making abilities he he ;)
Hope you are feeling better soon!