Friday, April 18, 2008

Joy Behar is an idiot.

Evidently Joy Behar from "The View" thinks women should be allowed to be priests, and that priests should be allowed to marry. I'm not going to go into the theological reasons for a celibate, male clergy (and they are theological, not purely practical or historical). I just want to rant a little bit about the audacity of Joy Behar criticizing the Catholic Church.

First off, she's not even Catholic (I think she's Jewish). Could you imagine the uproar if a conservative Christian talk show host said that Jews and Muslims should be allowed to eat pork, or that Mormon men should still be allowed to have mutliple wives? Clearly anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice.

Also, why in the world do people still think that celibacy has anything to do with chastity? I want to say, "If only JFK, Bill Clinton, and Eliot Spitzer had been allowed to marry...." Oh wait... Clearly marriage in and of itself doesn't cure philanderers.

I certainly am as uspet as anyone at the abuse scandal of recent years. I want all of the pervert priests (mostly homosexuals, but don't you dare say that out loud, it makes all the "good" homos angry) and the Bishops who covered it up thrown in jail for life. It's despicable, they will have to answer to God for their actions. But it was a very few individuals, and does not discredit the church as a whole. And it has NOTHING to do with celibacy. Quit being stupid, Joy Behar.


La Familia said...

I can't stand the View, mainly because of her.

Trad Tom said...

I had the TV on the day all the ladies were wearing red shoes -- in honor of the Pope! Yeah, right!
Both Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hesselback were Catholic at one time. Behar is of Italian ancestry, but she has lived with her Jewish "boyfriend" for nearly 25 years. I find her obnoxious, vulgar, and at times just plain stupid. Elizabeth now attends some non-denominational "mega-church" because she finds it welcoming and reassuring.
They are all entitled to their "view," but I find them banal, misinformed, and boring.

TrueQuest said...

Did Christ say to strike others when they strike you or did he say to turn the other cheek? Is this your Christianity? Most pedophiles are married --HETEROSEXUAL-- men. Pedophilia has been studied extensively. Your comments inspired me to research the subject. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has an article on the subject:

According to the study, the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was approximately 11:1. So your comments, besides being hateful and hurtful are also uninformed. Instead of insulting you for calling gay men "homos," I appeal to your love of Christ when I ask you to reconsider your attitude towards people who are different from you. I hope you will consider the language you use around your children. What is going to happen when they join the workforce and will be required to work with all types of people including gay men and lesbians?

Daddio said...

Interesting comment. I will respond in a new post.