Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Llama Clipper Hands

I've recently tried immersing myself into the world of coupons! Why? Well, my budget for weekly groceries is getting blown (big time) every shopping trip and the bleeding out must stop.

Three years ago I was able to get my cash out before entering the store, and when the dust settled I either had a few dollars left to grab some fries for the kids on the way home (or more depending on how well we did)... or grab a few extra coins from my change purse, no big deal. Now I'm never quite sure where the bottom line will be and have had to rely exclusively on my debt card, and there is NEVER money left over... more often than not I look at the total and think I probably consider auctioning off one of my organs!

So now what? Coupons. This is harder than it seems... at least to me. For the most part what I buy, I've worked to find the lowest price already... now I have coupons for different brands, and that takes time to stand at the product and decide if what I usually buy is still cheap (unit price) or if the coupon makes the other item a better deal.

For example, last Friday
-I had $16 worth of coupons
-I had scoured the circular for that store, and had planned my meals accordingly

Savings Summary:
MFG coupons - $5.35
Store Coupons - $6.10 ($5.00 off more than $50.00 in groceries, and then a few others picked up in the isles)
In Store Sales - $37.03
Total Savings - $48.48
(Sadly still way over budget, but working it down)

What have I learned... lots of clipping, but that doesn't always mean savings (for that trip). But I did save, more than justified the cost of a Sunday paper that we usually NEVER buy. Plus I still have several coupons in my in my stash for later purchases.

I want to get better about coupons... some many people out there have figured it out, I want to be one of those people (you know the ones, they hold up the line as they hand over the coupons... except I tend to be quite organized and shouldn't cause too much of a delay), I WANT BIG SAVINGS... so are you one of those people who know how to save at the store... HOW? Teach me! Give me advice!


nicole said...

I am not one of those people, but I need to be. Women who facilitated our Financial Peace class are those kinds of people. They gave some tips. And offered to let us go shopping with them, but it takes them hours! I don't want to spend all that time in grocery stores (they go to more than one). I just take my cash and try to add up in my head and if I'm too close to my limit I reconsider my list. We are having to increase our food budget though. We eat a lot of dairy and that is not cheap. If I find myself becoming one of those crazy savers I will let you know. :)

The Rhodes' said...

When you find out let me know. I too have been looking for coupons. There are a lot on line but you usually have to sign up and get psam..which doesn't really bother me because it goes to my bulk mail anyway.Try bricks coupon list!