Monday, April 21, 2008

The rising son

Bubba and I have developed a little routine in the morning. I typically wake up earlier than the rest of the family, and am gone before sunrise. When Bubba was younger and still learning to stay dry all night, I would wake him up and send him to the bathroom on my way out the door. And I'd kiss his head and tell him to have a nice day and behave for Mommy. Well, he's been dry for over a year and I don't need to wake him up. One would think that he'd be happy to stay asleep longer, but he still likes to get up early to use the bathroom. The funny thing is his timing. I assume that he wakes up when he hears my shower, and then he lies in wait until he hears me in the hallway. Once I'm dressed, I head to the kitchen to grab my lunch, and that's when he emerges. He's always there when I pass by for his kiss and pep talk.

Today my routine was a little off. I went to the kitchen right after the shower to get a drink, and as I came back down the hall I heard him going into the bathroom. I assumed he'd do his business and go back to bed. But the poor little guy sat there for 15 minutes while I shaved and got dressed and then returned to the kitchen for my lunch. He must have been wondering if I'd ever come. I think he had started to give up because when I finally did come by, he was already headed back to bed. But of course I stopped for his kiss, and I saw that little twinkle in his eye.

I just love our secret little routine, sharing a moment while the rest of the house is still sleeping. I love his sweet little head and his sleepy eyes. I know he loves one-on-one time. I'm sure he knows my cologne, our boys have always been big on smells. I wonder if he'll remember these moments when he's grown up. I can't think of a better way to start the day than with a little Bubba waiting for his kiss.


La Familia said...

Yes! He will forever remember that wonderful routine! It reminds me of a parenting book I read called, "Hold On To Your Kids" by Gordon Neufeld. Probably the most important parenting book I've read. The author strongly encougages parents to do exactly what you're doing with Bubba. You and Mommallama are wonderful parents!

Jennifer F. said...

What a touching post. I don't often comment but I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

(Also, I second La Familia's recommendation of Hold on to Your Kids. I've never seen the world the same way again after I read it.)

The Rhodes' said...

Cute story! Cute boy!

Bob said...

Beautiful! Yes, he will remember.