Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another new recipe

Grilled stuffed jalapenos. These were good, and very simple. Cut the pepper in half, remove the seeds, insert a Lil' Smoky, wrap in bacon, and grill. Get the biggest peppers you can find so that you can fit the sausage in there. The boys liked them too, definitely not too spicy if you get all the seeds out. ML liked hers with some ranch dressing as a dip. This was my first time making these, got the recipe from a friend, and will definitely be doing them again and again. I used toothpicks, ML suggested putting them on a skewer next time which would make them even easier to handle. I might also try to get some cheese in there somehow. Anyway, this was the highlight of my weekend. Another trip to the ER (will post more on that later), my lost wallet (don't worry, I found it again), and the rain will probably keep me from golfing tomorrow afternoon. At least the food was good!

And the weather was nice too, the boys made the most of it by spending almost the whole day in the back yard.


The Rhodes' said...

Looks good. You know they do make little smokies with cheese already in them? could work. Maybe we should try them out at the passover extravaganza!

Daddio said...

Oh yes, there will be jalapoppers! I knew one of you guys would think of a way to get the cheese in there. We are all about the cheese. I love our health-food extravaganza parties. Awww yieauh.

Bob said...

I love these pictures.