Monday, March 24, 2008

Once upon a time...

Snookie is quite the story teller. Sometimes he sticks to the original script, but often times lately he breaks free with his own creative improvisations. He amused us for hours by the campfire last month, so I thought I would transcribe one that he was telling us this evening. This is pretty much word-for-word. Enjoy!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Once upon a time, there were three billy goats named Gruff, and they had swords. There was a bridge with a troll, and the littlest goat went first.
Trippety trap, trippety trap.
"It is I, the littlest billy goat."
"Oh no, wait for my brother, he's much bigger."

Then the second goat came, and then the last goat came, and the troll didn't eat them because they had swords. Then zero goats came, and the troll couldn't eat zero goats because zero means nothing.

Then they got on a spaceship. Well actually first they had dinner. They they got on the spaceship and went to see fireworks. Then they saw Lambikin. Then they had taquitos for lunch. And donuts. No, actually not donuts, they were pretzels and cheetos. Then they watched some other billy goats play baseball. Then they went back home and went to bed, and in the morning they ate cereal. Then they played, and then they did their job. Their job is to pick up their dogs' bowls and put them in the garage (just like Bobcat has to do every day after breakfast). They didn't have to take a nap that day. Instead they did something really fun, and it was Easter and everyone came over to their house. Lambikin came and they found Easter eggs and put them in their baskets, and they they ate carrot cake. Then it was over and they went for a ride in Lambikin's car. He could drive it because he was five years old. Then they went to bed and then they ate breakfast again and then it was Lambikin's birthday and he turned six years old.

The End (he had to go get in the shower)


nicole said...

Very entertaining!

Husband's first story went like this: Once there were 3 monsters and 3 cookies. The end.

Clearly creativity was to come later in life. :)

La Familia said...

I'm glad to read that my child is not the only one to chase a butterfly down a tangent road paved with food and never get back home (to the original point) Speaking of fairy tales, I have this great idea for a quilt but I'm needing to ask you all sorts of questions on measurements and fabric combinations. :) Hmmm...I wonder where she gets it from.