Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It disappeared...

My voice that is. Apparently somewhere in the night some little creatured creeped in and stole my voice. There is literally nothing there when I try to talk. If I try really hard it comes out in this wierd strained whisper that hurts like the devil... add to that a cough that only makes my throat more angry!

What does that mean for our day... play time in the morning, and hopefully finish up our school work a little later when I can actually teach.

Now what could be causing this... oh I don't know, maybe the snow, then 90 degree weather, now cold and rainy. SERIOUSLY, what is going on???? My body can't handle all the sudden changes, I guess it is staging a strike of sorts.


Matilda said...

Oh you poor thing! Give me a call if you want to vent...oh wait! Bad idea. Drink lots of tea with honey and call when you are better!

: )

La Familia said...

For some reason I always thought it would be cool to lose my voice just once, you know, to know what it was like...but not if it hurts like the devil! I wish I could call you but I know that won't make you feel any better. I'll pray for you instead! :) Know that I'm thinking of you...actually that reminds me of an article I need to send you...see you're always on my mind...okay, I'll be quiet now.

MommaLlama said...

Oh thanks ladies! I was hoping that come lunch time or even after nap time that I would be as good as new. I figured that the throat issue and cough were more do to the ceiling fan on during the night more than anything else (you know when you're congested and may sleep with your mouth open and end up with a sore throat the next morning). Well, it would appear that it is a little more than that because I have a lovely little fever a brewin' as well.
Oh joy :-).

Never fear, though, Daddio has given me strict instructions on medications and laying low! Thankfully I picked a roast for dinner and really haven't had to do too much today!

The Rhodes' said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I lost my voice multiple times while teaching. Talk about fun!