Thursday, March 27, 2008


I typically avoid political discussions at work. But insurance people love this Eliot Spitzer story. He caused a lot of trouble in our industry, making himself out to be the truth, justice, and anti-corruption crusader. So the topic of his untimely political demise comes up from time to time in more casual conversations. I was politely and quietly eating my lunch today when the group I was with began ripping Spitzer a new one. One lady I know, very nice lady, loves to see pictures of the boys, very friendly and all, but she happens to be a big Democrat supporter, and I just had to throw in my two cents.

I said, as sarcastically as possible, "Could you imagine if a President of the United States did something like that? Surely he would resign out of shame and embarrassment... And his wife would probably walk out on him immediately and hide her poor face from the spotlight."

Her response was, "Well, that wasn't illegal, just immoral."

I didn't say anything else, but I was a little stunned. As if we shouldn't expect moral behavior from our President? As if it would have been worse if Monica had been paid? Is it just me or is taking advantage of a young intern and maintaining a relationship far worse than hiring some random hooker for a quickie? And, by the way, what Spitzer did is probably not even illegal in some places (Nevada, certain places in Europe maybe?)

I just can't understand why anyone wants anything to do with the Clintons at this point. Even Democrats have to be embarrassed by them, right? You'd think the Party would have asked them to quietly go away so that they could rebuild some credibility with the people. I'm really hoping she gets the party nomination because I just refuse to believe that a majority of Americans would actually put them back in the White House. It just can't be possible. Once things really heat up in the summer and fall, all of Bill's old dirty laundry will be aired again, and people will be reminded of how disgusting he is and was. I just have to believe she would lose.

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