Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seder Meal

Tomorrow I'm going to make a Seder meal! We've been a part of a Seder Potluck in the past (we did a little of the Seder stuff, then it was a free for all on normal potluck stuff), and I decided that we... our little family could actually do the whole meal.

So I've been doing the research, pulling together the recipes, and gathering the bits and pieces I will need! We even found an appropriate red wine... King David no less!

What's on the menu?

Here's a list... I will share pictures tomorrow or Friday after all is said and done!
-Roast Lamb (by the way, a lamb roast is rather pricey... yikes!)
-Spinache Cassarole
-Green Salad
-Rice Seasoned with herbs

I'm following the information at this website! It's a big undertaking (especially now that I'm not feeling 100%), but I really think that the benefits are much greater than the work to provide a special Holy Thursday celebration!

What are your plans?


La Familia said...

We will be having our annual Seder with other Servants of the Cross families on Saturday. It is something we've done since 2003. I always wondered why it was not done on Thursday as it coincides with the Lord's Last Supper. I think I will plan on our first Seder Meal at our house next year. I also highly recommend the book, Why On This Night. It's beautifully illustrated and has lots of activities for the kiddos...for next year. I still can't believe you're going to have one feeling the way you are. If you feel like poo-poo tomorrow save the meal for Saturday if you can...we'd be celebrating it together :) The kids will still learn sooooo much from the meal wether it is done on Thursday or Saturday; I know I have learned a lot with each passing year. Also, something cool they do for the kids is they show snippets of the Prince of Egypt at the corresponding parts of the meal. That really helps the kids (and adults) to understand what we are comemorating.

The Rhodes' said...

I am impressed with your culinary undertaking.

Matilda said...

Happy Easter you crazy llamas. I hope you are all on the mend. If not, you have my sympathies!