Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, we weathered a pretty rough patch here... I actually got the boys out of bed at 9:00 and had them huddled under one of their mattresses in my closet. They thought it was a fun game, thankfully with help from Mother Mary and my guardian angel, I was able to maintain a fun exterior as we waited... listening to the TV weather when it was on (satellite during bad weather not always the best source of information). I was able to talk with Daddio via cell phone once with the boys, and maintained contact with email (he is still in the airport in Arkansas, where all of our storms ended up going), which helped.

Now the boys are back in bed, I'm relaxing, and Daddio will hopefully be home sometime in the middle of the night.

Did I mention that at the height of it the radar/meterologist showed 4 different rotations... eek gads...


littlebit said...

I knew just as soon as y'all started getting rain up there, the rain down here would stop. I'm glad to hear youre safe and sound. I heard Denton got 10 inches of rain! I'm glad your boys thought it was fun, that truly was because you kept your cool- Praise the Lord!

4andcounting said...

I'm so glad I was not in your shoes--no hubby at home would have had me a teary mess I'm sure! Way to be brave for your boys. I'm glad y'all are okay.

Aldara said...

Yikes that is so scary. We had some bad storms here in MO but nothing like others! Glad ya'll made it okay!