Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Snookie's morning

Today has not been so great.

He has done nothing but cry all day long. You might be asking yourself 'why is this sweet little child crying?' Well, I will give you a run down of events that led to him crying:

1. Time for breakfast
2. Homeschool
3. Mommy reading a book as part of homeschooling
4. The book was finished
5. Gun holster wouldn't stay on
6. Gun problems
7. Gun problems
8. Gun problems
9. Mommy tired of fussing so at 11:45 put him at table to wait for lunch
10. Bun broke
11. Bun still broken
12. Bun is evil and broken and won't repair itself
13. Realized the boys had pretzels and he didn't
14. Impending nap time
15. Impending nap time
16. Mommy telling him that Daddy was going to be notified of previous events of morning
17. Daddy will know
18. Walking to nap time
19. Cause it is nap time
20. On floor crying because of nap time

That just covers the hours leading up to nap time... argggggghhhh

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