Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nice... NOT

Apparently the Mavs decided to phone it in last night... by sitting Dirk, Stackhouse, Howard and the still sore Dampier for the game.

The first 5 minutes were great, but Nellie and the Warriors were too much for the bench and rookies. I felt bad for Harris, Terry, Buck and George though... but for Buck and George this was a good opportunity for some seriously fierce play coming back fom injuries, and for Avery to watch the rookies and see who will be sticking around next season. Personally for the first years, I'm pulling for JJ B... or Chili Pepper as I like to call him. He's got some serious skills, and I think could really benefit from the 'old timers' on the Mavs.

Highlight of the game... double T's on Buckner and Davis... Buck would have totally taken Davis down in a bar fight :-). Buck definitely looks like he is in better form since the knee and nose injuries, he's got his swagger back. Oh and Pops with that sweet dunk and swing was pretty cool as well!

So, tonight is the real dress rehearsal for playoffs... with the Seattle Sonics.

Did I mention that we freakin' stay up till midnight watching last nights game... ugggghhhhh

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4andcounting said...

You are seriously devoted. We went to bed before the game even started. :)
We'll be in top form for the playoffs, so I'm not worried about these last meaningless games.