Friday, April 20, 2007


I never knew, living in apartments, that I would enjoy gardening so much... here are two lovely reasons that I love to garden.

These are a sampling of the Irises in the front yard. Yellow, dark purple and a lighter shade of purple. These bulbs came from Daddio's grandmother's property, and multiplied in our garden like crazy.

These are from our rose bush in the back. I cut a few new ones every week or so to replace the ones that have lost their luster.
Fresh flowers in your home really do make a difference, and if you have the great pleasure of cutting them from your own stock... well, it warms the heart a little more every time you look at them.


littlebit said...

Lovely! Honey gave me a Pope John Paul II rosebush that bloomed once with several blooms. I wanted to cut them and put them in our kitchen and he wanted to leave them on the bush. I'm wondering if we should have cut them to produce more blooms, as it doesnt have any buds at all now.


4andcounting said...

Beautiful! When we get gutters I want to add lots of flowers to our landscaping. Right now, they would just wash away. :)
I will come to you for advice on what grows well and with little maintenance, as I'm no gardener.