Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The favored set.

Do you have a favorite set of sheets for your bed? You know, the super soft ones that are always the perfect end to a day.

We have a set like that... they are perfect, or they were perfect. In all their years of service they have never pilled up (you know, those annoying balls that form from too much wear and washing), always soft, and perfectly crisp right out of the dryer. And while they are still all of those things, we can now add a new description... they have holes. Two to be exact...and unfortunately not real small ones. They are actually spots that have worn through. Oh the agony. Seriously! These were a clearance center find several years ago, and since then all sheets we've purchased we've hated within just a few washings.

There is a small light at the end of the tunnel, though... a tag that remains and is still readable. I now know who makes them, so the hunt is on to find a replacement set... oh wise internet help me find my perfect night sleep...

Oh and I just finished washing them, and yes they are back on my bed... two holes will definitely not put them out of use... THESE ARE THE PERFECT SHEETS PEOPLE!

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Daddio said...

WOOHOO! Let's go buy some!