Saturday, September 26, 2009


One of the interesting things about blogging is that you get to pick and choose what you share with your readers. Most like to write about all the lovely things, leaving out the tough decisions or problems that come up... that's totally fine, but I know several moms who are avid readers who start to believe that these blogs are TRUE life. Not here my friends... I do my best to share the good and the frustrating...

So here goes:

-Last weekend during Bubba's birthday, Bobcat decided to go into the garage of a neighbor (uninvited... and the neighbors were not even out) and give a go on the neighbor's skateboard.

-During aforementioned party, Snookie took his cake and ice cream, rubbed it into the outdoor picnic table and then LICKED IT UP!

-On Thursday Bubba got a handful of (oil based) paint that was used to do some touch up work on the wood around the roof and decided to rub it into my carpet. Did I mention the part where it is still in the carpet!?

-Today Bobcat decided that those cupcakes that were leftover from last weekends birthday shouldn't go to waste. He decided to go dumpster diving (yep, the trash can we keep outside)... found the bag filled with all sorts of garbage, and then proceeded to have a little feast. Did I mention that these cupcakes were not gluten free... and he isn't supposed to have any gluten!?

-Bubba likes to hide food in his pockets from lunch... so that he can eat it during naptime!

-Bobcat decided that since I do 'pocket checks' for food after lunch now... that his underwear are a much better hiding spot!

Just keepin' it real!


La Familia said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Thanks for keeping it real. That last one was hilarious. :-)

nicole said...

Oh wow. Boys are gross. At least I hope it is a boy thing? Thanks for sharing!