Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gettin' bigger

Bean has finally figured out how to spin himself around in this, and enjoys playing with all the little doodads on it! This is his spot during homeschooling. He enjoys making noises and seeing if he can get the attention of the boys while they are working... he will stare at their backs and just keep on making a particular noise till someone turns around... then he giggles the funniest giggle in VICTORY (then he starts hiccupping... happens every time he laughs)!

You will notice his white diaper cloth there in his seat with him. First, it is his best friend. He loves playing with it, putting it over his face, sucking on it, chewing on it... have I mentioned he is teething... so it is usually covered in Bean slobber.

Other big milestones as of late... he can pull up on your fingers to a standing position and hold it there for a long time just using two of our fingers to balance. Oh, and he now gives kisses. He loves to receive them, but will now plant big ole' wet slobbery ones on you! TEETHING. He doesn't care so much for teething rings, he prefers his cloth or his fingers (or the shoulder seam of my shirt). He is still waking up during the night. He used to be ravenous during those times, now it is more for a 'snack' and a diaper change and he is back down. I'm pleased with the brievty of it... but would love to see him sleep through the night! And last but not least... he's huge :-). He's now 5 months, 3 weeks by birth (4 months, 1 week by gestation)... and is weighing in around 15-16lbs (depending on the time of day). It seems every day that he grows and changes a little more.


nicole said...

Wow--he's doing great! Butterfly only weighs 19 pounds! :)

If your doctor gives you the OK, you might try adding one feeding of cereal. Different doctors have different opinions, and there is no right way to do it, but some babies that are his size and still waking up at night to snack just need a little topper in the evening. A bottle and a serving of cereal might be just the ticket to sleep. But maybe not. You'll figure it out. And when he is sleeping through the night and you finally get a full night's sleep you will wonder how you lasted so long without it. And that is the beauty of grace, that we get through things w/o realizing how hard it is until we are through them. :)

MommaLlama said...

He's actually on cereal... 2-3 times a day (depending on how he's feeling... with a heavy allergy day he really isn't interested in it).

I remember when Snookie came home to us, at 2 he only weighed 19 lbs!

La Familia said...

Wow! He's doing great Momma!