Friday, September 4, 2009

in the air

It is starting to cool off. Okay, still in the 90's most days, but much less humid. I can at least drive to work in the morning without the A/C on. Fall is in the air, and we are getting the camping bug, big time. We already have one trip planned for the first weekend of October (with homeschooling friends), and another one for the weekend after Thanksgiving (Dudes Only).

Last year was our inaugural Dudes Only camping trip, just me and the boys, and while we love our mommy, I think they are of an age where some male bonding is appropriate. (And I know she enjoyed her weekend off - although it may include a Bean this time...) This year, that Thanksgiving trip will include my two best friends from high school and their sons. That will definitely be weird - feeling like a kid again with those guys, and also having six little boys around. Hopefully we've matured a bit since 1994... There will be no fireworks, I promise (another post for another day).


La Familia said...

I want to go camping in the fall soooo bad but it's Dan's busiest time of the year. I also wish I lived close enough so Mommallama and I can have a girl's weekend sewing and watching cheezy chic flicks whilst are camping.

nicole said...

No fireworks! I remember the story and that is certainly not the lesson to demonstrate live to your boys. :)

Dude camping is always a good idea. We are planning to extend our camping to two nights for the first time this fall, although I might have to come back with Butterfly in the night time. But the kids have been asking when we will go again, so it will definitely happen, allowing for the UNT football schedule of course. :)