Thursday, September 3, 2009

First week wrap-up

Alright, so we are coming to the conclusion of our first week of school (we only school Mon-Thurs), and all in all I would call it a successful week.

--Snookie and Bobcat both earned perfect scores on their spelling tests... Bubba only missed one.

--Grammar seems to make better sense for everyone this year (so far).

--Snookie still HATES math.

--Everyone seems to be able to retain their bible verse, and can share it with Daddio in the evening!

--I really like my new planner software. I don't have to print things out, write things down or anything like that. I simply have the screen open and read off the page numbers for the kids, I can easily mark assignments completed, and record grades! Well worth the free download!

--Homeschooling with Bean around, not a problem. I sometimes have to step out to take care of a diaper, or put him down for a nap... but I don't know what everyone was so worried about when they warned me on how hard it was going to be... of course none of those people homeschool so how would they know anyway :-).

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