Monday, October 5, 2009

Are we that stupid?

On one of the morning shows, they actually had an entire segment on cereal and how all those sugary cereals are bad for our kids.

First, raise your hand if you are a parent.

Now, raise your hand if you already knew that those crappy sugary cereals weren't good for your kids...

Thank you... we ALL know that those aren't good for the kids (or ourselves for that matter).

Sidenote: If you didn't know you were basically feeding your kids the equivalent of 6 chocolate chips cookies every morning when you serve them that bowl of cereal... well you just lost your Mommy of the Year award!


nicole said...

I'll admit to still sometimes feeding them that cereal, but will full knowledge of the contents. I try to stick to unsweetened cereals. And I should just get over my laziness and make hot breakfasts, or at least fresh breakfasts, but it is just not happening right now.

La Familia said...

That's funny! And I especially love the twisted logic of so many people I know who let their kids eat chocolate chip cookies and milk for breakfast every day. Because, after all, isn't it the same as eating pop tarts and cereal?