Monday, October 19, 2009

Flurry of activity

Or at least that is how it seemed this weekend!

The highlights: Circus and somewhere in the ballpark of a 9 mile walk!

A friend of ours from band gave us 6 vouchers for the circus, so we invited my niece (7yrs) to come with us on Saturday. The boys and my niece have never been, and Daddio and I haven't been since we were around their age.

To be honest, I really wasn't expecting much... but boy was it fun! I will admit that my mommy nerves kicked in with the high flying antics and spinning pendulums of death. YIKES! Based on the laughing, I think all four kids had a great time as well (the cotton candy didn't hurt either :0).

Sunday, after mass we packed up a picnic, the kids, and the scooters and headed out to a lovely park a little ways from us. It was an absolutely wonderful day to be outside! The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, and temps stayed in the upper sixities/low seventies! This park is filled with great paved trails, some running along side a nature preserve and other areas by a frisbee golf course (which I had never seen in action before... interesting to watch while we walked, but something I have no interest in doing). All in all Daddio figured we were walking at a clip of about 6 miles an hour and we walked for just over 90 minutes... so somewhere around 9 miles. The kids covered a lot more ground... riding far ahead, then coming back to us... but they also did a lot of sitting, while Daddio and I never did take a break. And then it was back to the tables for a refreshing lunch... some playground time... and home for a much deserved nap!

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Mrs. Block said...

That's pretty fast walking! I was on the treadmill jogging the other day and having a hard time keeping a 5.5 mph pace! You've got some racewalkers on your hands!

-Mom of two sons (and counting)