Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's official, Snooker is a hockey player! He suffered his first blood last night at class... well, actually it happened before class started (during free skate time)... but hey it was on the ice. Poor little guy took a nasty fall and used his face as a brake on the ice! You may be wondering why he has a boggin' on under the helmet. Well, as some of you might know, our kids are small... including their heads. So keeping the much needed helmets on the first lesson was a little difficult... putting the boggin's on under it helps keep the helmet put!

Needless to say when I took a picture of Snooker, the other two wanted to get in the shot as well. Here's their fierce hockey player face... notice my sweet little Snookie just can't make a mean face (when you want him to).
Okay, I don't really get the fascination... but every time we take pictures they always want to do a Jedi pose. So of course we indulge... so here are hockey jedi's!

How's hockey going? Pretty well. They just completed their 4 lesson, and the improvement in their skating is quite noticeable. There's still tons of falling, but there's a whole lot more skating to go along with the falling. Thankfully before the lessons start on Fridays, they have 30+ minutes on the ice for free skate. Honestly that is where I've seen the most improvement. They aren't hanging on to the wall, they are attempting to stroke versus walk, and they are able to avoid other skaters!
We have two more lessons, and then it will be time to decide whether or not to continue. Personally, I like it... I think it is a good exercise for them, and it is a sport (for now) that size really doesn't matter. Bubba and Snookie just went to the dr. for a check-up (only because I wanted them to get a flu shot and I didn't want to pay for it, otherwise I would not take them in by choice to that crack-pot)... anyway they are both in the 3-7 percentiles for height and weight and the chart thinks they will end up somewhere between 5'5"-5'7"... so no basketball players.

Well, that's about it on the hockey front. They think it's fun, I like the idea that it is in doors :-), and so far no serious injuries... it's a winner all around!


Elizabeth said...

I dig the boggins. I think it's great to get them into some kind of physical activity. I'd love to put Pigeon in dance but I have way too many issues and concerns based on my past that need resolving before I put her in a dance class. Love the Jedi poses. :-)

nicole said...

Very tough guys. I think it would be a lot of fun to watch them skate and eventually play hockey.

Elizabeth--does Pigeon have any interest in sports? Upward is a Christian-based sports organization that offers soccer, basketball, and sometimes baseball (I think) and cheerleading. Local churches run the leagues in cooperation with Upward. My big kids all did basketball with them last year. It is a great, non-competitive, no pressure way to try a sport. If my kids continue in basketball we'll eventually make the move to a competitive league, but we liked this for an introduction to team sports. Just something to think about.