Monday, May 5, 2008

In response to "truequest"

I received an interesting comment to my previous post about the abuse scandal. I'd like to respond.

The commenter wrote: "Did Christ say to strike others when they strike you or did he say to turn the other cheek?"

The bible reference is taken way out of context. There's a difference between forgiving those who sin against me, and being outraged and desiring justice for those who harm children. If I were to come home and find a burglary in progress, should I turn the other cheek and offer him my wife's jewelry box in addition to the electronics he has already loaded into his van? Should we turn the other cheek and not fight against abortion? Slavery? Child prostitution and labor? Don't be absurd.

The commenter wrote: "Most pedophiles are married --HETEROSEXUAL-- men."

Thank you for helping to prove my point that celibacy has nothing to do with the sex abuse scandal. And, be careful not to put words in my mouth. I did not say most pedophiles are gay, I said that most of the priests accused of sex abuse were gay. I did not even use the term "pedophile". In fact there was very little pedophilia involved in the scandal. As noted in the following article, "the overwhelming majority of cases involved a disorder called ephebophilia, a term that refers to sexual attraction to minors who have arrived at puberty (i.e., teenagers)."

The commenter wrote: "I ask you to reconsider your attitude towards people who are different from you. I hope you will consider the language you use around your children. What is going to happen when they join the workforce and will be required to work with all types of people including gay men and lesbians?"

How do you know what language I use around my children? I assure that I do not discuss things like this around my children. I agree that "homos" is not the most charitable term, but golly gee, I'm just not feeling very charitable towards these evil men. May God have mercy on their souls, I hope they do repent. But that doesn't mean I have to like them. As a parent of children who came from a dangerous home, and having relatives and friends who have been subject to abuse as children (I will not elaborate here), it makes me absolutely sick when I consider this topic. When the boys are older, I will teach them to be politically correct enough not to get in trouble at work. But I will not teach them to "respect" the many psychological disorders - that's exactly what they are - being promoted as valid alternatives to normal, traditional families and marriages.

This link is excellent.


Red Cardigan said...

Good for you, Daddio!

We need to be able to speak the truth about these issues when our children are old enough to handle them. And the truth is that sexual perversion doesn't equal marriage, however much people might want to pretend that it does.

TrueQuest said...

I believe that you are honestly trying to do good in the world. Obviously, you care about the children you adopted and I respect you for that. I don't want to use a negative tone so I am trying to choose my words carefully. In your original post about Joy Behar, you wrote:
"I want all of the pervert priests (mostly homosexuals, but don't you dare say that out loud, it makes all the "good" homos angry) and the Bishops who covered it up thrown in jail for life."
While I agree that anyone who abuses and/or covers up for abusers should have to pay for their cruel, immoral, and despicable sins/crimes, I don't believe the teachings of Jesus Christ support hateful speech like your use of the word "homos."
If you use hateful words like that in your blog, you obviously harbor an intense hatred that your children will perceive, whether you intend it or not. As a Christian, I would hope you would support programs that help perpetrators correct their behavior/ illness while in prison, instead of just locking them up. Where is forgiveness in your world view? I am just as incensed and outraged as you are but I try to push myself to consider Christ's teachings before I unleash my anger against those who would hurt innocent, defenseless children. When someone abuses a child, I could care less if they identify as gay or straight. Homophobia should take a back seat to addressing the plight of abused children.

About celibacy and the priesthood, yes, Christ never married. Yes, Jesus praised those who "made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven(Matthew 19:12)." Yes, there was a widespread belief that sexual intercourse made a man unclean and therefore unfit to celebrate the Eucharist for a full day after sexual intercourse with his wife. However, many priests and bishops were married. This presented many challenges because church property was being passed down as inheritance for the children of priests. It wasn't until 1139 that celibacy in the priesthood was mandated by the Second Lateran Council.

TrueQuest said...

I am completely against pedophilia and any other type of abuse against children. That said, your post implies that pedophilia and homosexuality are both "psychological disorders." Have you read about "The Older Brother Effect"? The bottom line of the research is that the likelihood of a man being gay increases 1/3 for each older brother he has. Of course, this doesn't mean that every third son will inevitably be gay, it only means that the probabilities of a man being gay increase for each older brother he has. **Can you imagine the implications of the research? The actual research paper involved compiling and checking the data of a multitude of studies that demonstrated the scientifically supported conclusion of the Older Brother Effect. See here:

60 Minutes/ CBS did a show on this subject:

Instead of hating gays and lesbians, I hope you will consider accepting as your brothers and sisters in Christ. Furthermore, I hope you will consider the difference between being gay and being a pedophile.

Daddio said...

Everything you've written is completely irrelevant to my original point.

Nature and common sense will eventually prevail. No offense to CBS News, that great beacon of objective moral clarity...

Thanks for your interest, anonymous troll, but that'll have to be my last word on this topic.

Bob said...

I love it when the good guys rant on their blogs. Good job, daddio!