Monday, May 5, 2008

Coupon Groove

Okay... I'm starting to feel like I'm hitting somewhat of a coupon groove. I found a store that accepts online coupons!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!! I've mostly figured out how to plan according to the weekly circulars... it took a while to go off of what was on sale, not what I thought I might be hungry for in the coming week. And overall Friday's shopping went much smoother than the previous week, and saw the biggest percentage of overall savings!

MFG Coupons: $11.50
Plus Card Savings: $27.07
Total Savings: $38.57 (26% savings on total)

Here's a new source of coupons I found... you do have register and get some annoying emails (which I automatically send to 'JUNK'...), but the coupons are pretty good!

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