Monday, May 5, 2008

Families like mine

On Saturday we spent the afternoon with a new and great adoption group, Families Like Us! What was so cool, wonderful, encouraging, relaxing, and fun about this group had to do with the fact that we all looked similar... Transracial Adoption. The children ranged from african american to bi/multi racial... all shades of brown. It was BEAUTIFUL. Nearly all the children there happened to be boys, and all around the same ages... which was really a happy coincidence. The parents shared their stories while the children ran and played.

Out of our three, Bobcat really recognized the fact that the children were brown and parents were white (which he said something to the effect "I know why the boys were all brown and the parents were white, it's because we were all adopted"), and he thought that was so cool... so cool that in this group we were all the same... NORMAL if you will!

I can't wait to do more things with this group, I really enjoyed the feeling of being ordinary within the group! It was definitely a chance to recharge before going back out into the world where we are different.


La Familia said...

I'm so glad that you found a group like that to support you.

Bob said...

Bless you and your boys.