Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Coupon Installment

A co-worker of Daddio mentioned that the Spanish Paper has great coupon deals... and those come out on Saturdays (and they're free I think). She's been kind enough to pass on her unused coupons for my savings box!

This past week my overall savings percentage dropped slightly, but my actual coupon savings jumped up!

MFG Coupons: $22.74
Plus Card Savings: $14.75
Total Savings: $37.49
Percentage Saved: 22%

I've also had to upgrade my coupon organization system... at the moment I've moved up to a 3"x5" card file with MANY little dividers, instead a 12 pocket coupon holder. I already can see myself wanting a wider box (4x5) or something since many of them have to be folded, but for now (and since I already had one that wasn't being used for anything) I'm happy with it! Plus I love making my own little dividers (and as many as I want) so that, for me, things are easy to find and file.

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