Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Harry Potter Article

I thought this article was very interesting:


Here's a short passage:
"Rowling does not employ the biblical definitions of 'evil' or 'good.' She has both sides relying on the same power source (magical), both sides resorting to similar philosophy for discerning right from wrong (subjectivism), and both sides using comparable acts to further their own, albeit different, goals."

It's an older article, written in 2003, but I just happened to come across it today. I'm sure we've all had enough of the Harry Potter debate, and heard all the arguments on both sides. But I thought this one did a good job of summarizing and was very easy to read and understand.

I haven't read any of the HP books myself. There are several reasons:
-Mostly because I have no interest in that genre. I've never been into fantasy books or movies, not even as a kid.
-I must admit that I don't devote enough time to reading these days, so I'm certainly not going to spend any of the time I do read on that kind of stuff.
-I haven't fully made up my mind about the spiritual aspects of it, but I've read some very convincing arguments against it. Better to be cautious, knowing that there are so many trustworthy alternatives.
-I've also heard that the writing itself is just not very good.
-And there's just a part of me that resists anything trendy. MommaLlama and I are perfectly content to ridicule and mock them.

So I'll probably never bother with Harry Potter. And don't bother telling me that it's wrong to judge them without reading them first. I simply do not have time to read every single piece of crap that gets published or watch every crappy movie, just to determine first hand whether I approve of it or not. It is perfectly legitimate to form an opinion based on reviews by trustworthy sources who have already done the research for me. I hate being told not to be "judgemental". That's what parents do - we judge. It's our God-given right and responsibility to judge everything that our children may be exposed to. Just because we cannot judge individuals' souls doesn't mean we can't discern right from wrong.

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