Thursday, May 1, 2008


I think this topic will kind of be an on going discussion here... where I discuss, and hopefully you guys will help me :-).

Online coupons are cool! Except when one of the stores in our area (we only have two with in a decent driving distance) won't accept online coupons. That is one of the reasons I'm navigating the newspaper coupon world! All this double/triple coupon talk is also interesting... but there again it isn't quite what it seems. For those few who are also testing the coupon waters and are looking for direction (I don't have much, but what I've found I will share), here are some websites that I've found or been told about.

Online Coupons (these are ones that I've been pretty happy with and don't receive a ton of junk mail from... side note most of the junk can be avoided if you watch the sign up process and uncheck stuff):
Smart Source

Helpful Websites (claiming they can teach you to be an expert couponer, results yet to be seen in the Llama Land)
The Coupon Mom - Free (this is where I learned about the circulars in my area, and she has free E-books with advice)
The Grocery Game - Not Free (She does tons of reseach, there's a nominal fee that I'm not quite ready to commit to)
Biblical Womanhood - E-books (She even offers online courses for better coupon usage)

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