Monday, May 5, 2008

Yo, 5 things...

I've been tagged... so here goes:

5 things on my to-do list for today:
-Check dog accomodations for this week's camping trip (DONE)
-Make dog accomodations for our beach trip in a few weeks (DONE)
-Make next week's PT appointments
-Play with the 4 boys

5 places I've traveled to:
-Disneyworld (for a band trip in high school)
-Cruise: Cozimel, Roatan, Cancun (well, we sailed past Cancun but couldn't get off the boat due to weather)
-Philidelphia (when I was really little, our last trip there was when I was 4)
-Fort Collins, Colorado (we went with my dad on a business trip when I was in junior high)
-St. Louis (several times now, including once to see the POPE!)
Sorry, I'm not a well traveled person... I'm hoping that will change some day!

5 snacks or treats I enjoy:
-Wheat thins
-Graham Crackers

What would I do if I were a Billionaire (I wouldn't have any debt :-):
-Set up a support fund for foster/adoption ministries
-Buy a larger property so that we could adopted and/or foster more children
-Start a family business (I have no idea what, but something that we would run all together)
-Buy my husband his dream car (and me one too)
-Eye surgery for both my husband and me ... NO MORE CONTACTS/GLASSES!!!

5 places I've lived:
-Lake Charles, La (born)
-FW, Tx
-Denton, Tx
-Lewisville, Tx
-Argyle, Tx
Again, not that interesting!

5 jobs I've had:
-Coffee shop girl
-Wal-Mart Jewelry Counter (HATED THIS JOB)
-Catholic Book store (manager, inventory, accounting stuff... pretty much everything)
-Receptionist at an insurance agency (and personal assistant to agent)

5 people to tag...
If you haven't done it, YOU'RE IT!

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