Thursday, May 10, 2007

The saga continues

They delivered the machines... and when they opened the box for the washer there was significant damage, and was not able to be installed. The dryer was fine.

ETA on a new washer... NEXT TUESDAY! I could just spit nails right now.


underthewillow said...

aw MAN!! I'm so sorry!! I was so looking forward to reading a post about your new toys!! Now I have to wait until TUESDAY?!! I'm mad, too! :(

4andcounting said...

Big Bummer! That would make me crazy, and I don't even like laundry or think about the machines too much. :) If the boys smell a little ripe, we won't say anything at the party.

Daddio said...

And they only brought a 4-ft. cord when it was supposed to be 6 or 8, because our house is set up for dryer on the left, and LGs are set up for washer on the left. So the cord barely reached. I called Home Depot and they agreed to exchange for a 6-footer free of charge.