Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lest you forgot

My washing machine finally arrived today... 10 days post purchase... and none too soon!

What was the first load you might ask youself, having 10 days of laundry waiting (mostly camping, smokey, red dirt covered laundry)... that would the pee sheets from last week, and the puke sheets from this morning! Bubba was the cause on both counts! He just wanted Mommy's new machines to have a real doozey for the first cycle!


They have lights!!!! SWEET.

Oh, and the first load due to the nature of it was washed on SANITARY mode, which is a 2 hour cycle... and yes, I sat there basically the whole time watching it! I am that easily amused (and Daddio joined me for quite some time too).


4andcounting said...

Sounds like you got them just in time. I hope the puking is a limited occurrence.

underthewillow said...

They are so pretty!! We're so happy for you guys! :) And sorry to hear about the pee and puke. yuck.