Thursday, May 10, 2007


While camping this weekend, I'll try not to screw up my hitch haul again. Two weeks ago, on its maiden voyage, I backed into one of those low wooden post things and bent the main bar. Ordered a replacement part which came in yesterday, so we're ready to roll again. I'll just avoid the reverse gear as much as possible this time. In retrospect, that was probably a huge blessing. If I'd backed the car up onto that thing, it could have jacked up all kinds of suspension components. Better that it only cost me $20 and a wounded ego...

Speaking of wounded egos, check this out... Maybe MamaLlama's written about it before. I almost had to pay a crooked redneck tow truck driver $100 to pull my dork-mobile out of the sand at Port Aransas two years ago. Fortunately, the friendly guy in the Chevy 4x4 saved me first, for free.

You do have to hand it to us, we keep our positive energy alive and continue to seek out adventures with the kids, despite some dumb mishaps.


4andcounting said...

Aren't the mishaps half of the fun, at least the easy to resolve mishaps? We're taking our first family camping trip Memorial Day Weekend. It has been so long since either of us camped, I'm a little nervous about the outcome. Seeing how much fun you guys have is good encouragement though.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! That picture reminds me of my 10th birthday. For my winter birthday I wanted to go down to the beach. So, my parents borrowed my granny's Winnebago and we set off. A small jeep at the beach began circling us in such a way that we got stuck in deep sand. About 10 minutes later, a big tow truck comes up and offers to pull us onto hard sand. He pulled us 10 feet and said we owed him $75. My mom was sick over it because it broke us (money was tight back then). My Mom told Dad what happened and what the tow truck looked like and he went out to investigate. Turns out the jeep and the tow truck were croonies and were working together to get people stuck and then towed. Anyways, long story short, my parents were on the evening news as this went to trial and the guy, thankfully lost his case.