Wednesday, May 9, 2007


This is my four hour window for Thursday! YIPPEE... granted it annoys me somewhat that it is such a long window... but even if delivered at the end of the window it still gives me plenty of time to wash and actually have clean laundry in time for us to attend the party we are going to! YEAH the children will not smell funny (I mean, funnier than normal for a clean BOY in clean clothes)!!!!

And my world will return to NORMAL!

As far as the comments in regards of getting appliances for Mother's Day versus jewelry... I'm totally cool with it and don't feel bad for me (oh and he if our flowers aren't in bloom it is not umcommon for him to come home with flowers just because)! A few years ago I begged for a Dyson (the purple Animal to be exact) for Mother's Day, but alas I received an amazing diamond necklace (three large diamonds to be exact - props to Daddio and the boys for a great gift) in honor of my first Mother's Day with our three sons! (I did get the Dyson later that year, actually it was our first time out looking for a new washer/dryer but decided that it wasn't time to throw in the towel on the ones we had ... on the way out I mentioned again that our vacuum cleaner wasn't cutting it so we picked up the Dyson.) I enjoy cleaning... I enjoy life when the house is clean, and I don't mind waiting for an anniversary of something to ask for a big ticket item! I know I want it, he knows I will use it... so it works out. Kind of like every year for Daddio's birthday he gets some sort of electronics or camping thing... he wants it, it will benefit the whole family, but is something usually more expensive than a usual picked up weekend item!

Anyway... yay for tomorrow... yay for clean laundry... and yay for energy savings!!!

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4andcounting said...

I figured you guys had something worked out in that regard. I told Travis no appliances for gifts two Christmases ago, and then went back on that this past Christmas and asked for a mini-food chopper. I finally explained to him that if I specifically ask for an appliance for a gift, it is all good. But, if I don't ask, then he should stay far away from the appliance aisles for gift-giving occasions. :)