Wednesday, May 16, 2007


One benefit to traveling for work these last couple of years is that eventually you earn enough airline points and miles to get an upgrade to first class once in a while. I'm not in the Platinum Irridium Diamond Executive Club or anything, but if nobody more important than me has checked in first, they'll throw me a bone. I feel like an elitist snob typing away while the commoners trudge by on the way to the back. But I'm telling you, the extra leg room is fantastic. Have the seats gotten narrower and closer together over the years? Plus free drinks. And even dinner since it's an evening flight. And as an extra bonus, it doesn't look like anyone is going to sit next to me this time. I'm always ready for a lively discussion when someone notices me reading a Catholic book or magazine about culture/politics/homeschooling/whatever. And I'll whip out a photo of the boys if the converstaion leads to that. But sometimes you're not in the mood to talk, you know.

Interesting story: one time Bishop Grahmann (former bishop of Dallas) was on my flight to Los Angeles. We were in coach, I guess he keeps it simple and affordable, which was nice to see. Anyway, I gathered up the courage to go over and shake his hand and thank him for his local support of pro-life causes, and I showed him a picture of the boys. That was pretty cool. Later I felt like a wimp for not kissing his ring right there in the aisle. It would have drawn attention, but he deserves the honor. Oh well.

Anyway, time to shut down the electronic devices. The flight attendant is bringing over a free beer now. Score!

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