Friday, July 2, 2010

Apples and oranges...

The boys and I hadn't played cards games in quite some time, so Wednesday evening as Daddio and one of the boys started up a game of chess (that was frustrating at best) I decided to rummage through the box of card games I re-found the other day (the day I spent cleaning out the office closet for like 9 hours ... trust me I have photos and a post rolling around my brain, but not yet). Anyway, I decided we should play Go Fish. Now, honestly I thought that we've played this before... but clearly I was wrong, not only could I not remember the rules, they had no idea what I was talking about... But no matter, we ended up having several rousing hands with everyone laughing and cutting up.

Cut to Thursday morning, I get the boys up and as they are heading towards the kitchen for breakfast I am giving them the morning pep talk which included something along the lines of...

"Are we going to have a good attitude for math this morning... come on guys, right?! "

Without missing a beat Bubba looks right at me with his huge shifty brown eyes and says "Nope, Go FISH!" Then starts grabbing his sides and laughing hysterically! I lost it, I was laughing so hard tears were pouring out of my eyes!

And that my friends is an apple that doesn't fall far the tree... or an orange that grew on an apple tree in our case ;-).

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Elizabeth said...

That's funny! That's sure to be one of your family jokes that's gonna get everyone laughing whenever it's said. And yes, they do pick up on our sayings...for better or for worse. Can't wait for your future post!