Monday, July 26, 2010

On a roll

We are half way through week 4 in the C25K program... the program this week calls for:

5 min walk, [3 min run/90 sec walk, 5 min run/2.5 min walk] x2

Saturday we managed a door to door time of 31 minutes, and today we kicked it up a little and shaved off a minute for a total of 30 minutes door to door.

Wednesday will be the last day of this routine, and we will move on to week 5 on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to that series (weirdly) because each of the three workouts are different... up to this point each of the three workouts have been identical... but we are nearing the end so they have kicked it up a notch. Next Wednesday we have to run an entire 20 minutes... while this is a little intimidating, I'm looking forward to not having to stop after each little running section. Every time I come to the end of a walking section I don't want to start running again, it takes too long to get back into the groove of an even stride and what not... I would much rather just push through with no little breaks in between.

Oh, and Bubba's asthma dr. gave us the big thumbs up last week (and a pat on my back) saying that this is the great sort of exercise to help build up his lungs (as long as I keep a close eye on him). He joked that he would be tickled beyond words if I could get him all the way up to a half marathon. I did asked Daddio about this, but it is 13.1 miles which translates to around a 2 hour run (as a respectable time). I can't wrap my head around that yet, so this is NOT on my current running radar!

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nicole said...

Once you experience the adrenaline of a race completed at your goal time you'll want to do more! And just finishing a half is respectable, regardless of time.