Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You've got to be kidding me...

So yesterday was a REALLY sort of day, today has been a NICE (but not the good nice, in the good grief NICE sort of way) day.

It started off by needing to take the beast in to have a tire repair, nice! Thankfully they were able to get me in relatively quickly and we were only there for about 40 minutes. I did have a great book on St. Kolbe to read, and the boys had books as well so time moved fairly quickly.

Next we headed home for a little while, got some math and laundry done then off to the allergy dr., nice... we always have to spend a forever amount of time waiting around... thankfully they were running pretty quickly and we were only there for an hour, nice.

Considering the FUN morning the boys had to sit through, a quick stop at a fast food joint seemed like the nice thing to do... a little treat from the value menu seemed well deserved. As we wait in line (lunch rush, nice) I see a little bird on the ground near the car. He is jumping along and clearly is having some wing issues. When I first start watching him, he isn't that close to my car, we move up a car length and I'm a little closer to him, another car length and he is next to the car about midway on the drivers side. I had this sinking feeling that my next time to move, if he's hopped under the car... well you know... I point my side mirror down to see if I can see him, but I can't. I don't open my window and look out because I see that the car ahead of me has moved and I need to go... so I do. When I round the corner I look in the mirror... NICE... but not in the good way. I killed a poor, broken bird... REALLY FREAKIN' NICE!

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