Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't you just feel the excitement

I love this time of year... I get all giddy, anxious, thrilled, and definitely impatient... just like a child waiting for their birthday or Christmas gifts... but it isn't my birthday or Christmas... nope it is Curriculum Ordering Extravaganza!

COE starts for me back in January. I start combing my favorite websites and catalogs for new things that they are printing and will have ready for the coming school year. I watch my mailbox like a hawk, waiting for the latest catalog to arrive filled with glossy hopes and dreams just a few short months away. I have spreadsheets from all the years of the boys schooling so that I can see what I've ordered, notes on what I like and don't like, and things from previous wish lists just waiting to make their mark on the coming year.

Then July hits... oh the fun that is the homeschooling conference arrives in town. It is sort of like a shot of adrenaline for a homeschooling parent. The day is stacked with amazing speakers, and vendors fill a room with all their goodies... You walk out of that day, renewed, recharged, and ready to tackle the new school year... if you're one of the lucky few with your curriculum money in hand... you walk out with the prize finds of the day, the new year packed away in your trunk ready for you to start planning the minute you walk through the front door. This year I had to wait a few days, but that was okay... I still had a few tough choices to make, and needed the time to iron out the details, consult a few friends and a few more websites!

Then the day came... TODAY came... I had my lists, my money, my keyboard, and off I went... like a kid in a candy store filling my treat bag with all of the things that will fill our coming days.

Now the waiting... the watching... and the listening for that wonderful brown truck to slow down and stop in front of MY HOUSE!!! Oh the joy, and anticipation... ripping open boxes, the smell of new books, bindings being cracked for the first time... oh it is truly a wonderful time of year!


Elizabeth said...

I got all giddy just reading that post. It truly is like Christmas in July isn't it? I placed a huge order with CHC right before Port A and it came the night before we left for the beach -THAT was a great day! You're going to have to do and show and tell with all your new purchases once you get them. I'm just now going to start thinking about goals for our upcoming year.

Beaver said...

I have the same feelings of euphoria about school-supply shopping and Scholastic Book Fairs and warehouse sales. :)

Darcy said...

This post made me laugh so hard. I can totally picture you!

Amanda U. said...

there, I fixed my display name! Now you know who I am! haha I never use my gmail account!
-Amanda (formerly known as Darcy)