Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goooooood Evening Friends

Since Daddio had Monday off we ran a few errands, and we stopped by the running store to see what they had and to pick a belt/bottle thingy for Daddio. While we were there Daddio decided it was time to get me a real pair of running shoes. I couldn't have been more happy (especially considering I hadn't even asked for any!)...

Now, I've never been fitted for running shoes, and have no real idea what the fuss is all about... that's when the lovely lady there got down to her job. First they measured my feet, turns out they are the same size (apparently this isn't always the case), inspected my arches (low rise) and then grabbed a pair of shoes for me to put on for the next part. Now, I suppose I should set the stage just a little better. We were out and about and I was wearing a cute little skirt and shirt and sandals... not really running shoe shopping apparel. So I needed a dummy pair of shoes for the next phase. I had to get on a treadmill that had a camera mounted behind it and then I had to jog for a minute or so, and they analyzed my style! With that information she knew exactly what type of shoe (support wise) I needed and brought out a few for me to try!

When I try on shoes, I pretty much follow this criteria... first I have to like how they look, and they have to feel right on! Notice the first part... how they look... well, just throw that out the window with shopping for running shoes... it's only about fit! I realized this right away by what she brought out and so immediately tossed away my desire for my favorite colors on sneeks!
Low and behold, the shoes that fit the best and felt like pooffy clouds of heaven were...


Oh, and Daddio even got me some fancy running socks (apparently the little cotton socks I was wearing before will more than likely cause blisters)... and they are AWESOME (oh and a new sports bra because he thought it was ridiculous that with my old one I had to wear an old regular bra and the sports bra together to get the right support... the new one rocks!).

And because Daddio can read my mind, one of the first things he said to me when we got back into the car was that I wasn't to go on another run that day... since I had already been that morning :-(! He knows me so well, because that is exactly what I wanted to do.

In the interest of sticking to my schedule, I followed it and didn't do my next run till today. I waited until this evening to get out because I felt so crummy this morning. The boys and I are just wracked with allergies right now, and I thought a day of being quiet and still (and lots of allergy meds) would mean a successful run tonight! For the most part I was right, although at 8:00pm it is was still 90 degrees... but I really couldn't wait any longer because of their need for a shower and bed time once we got back home. So off we went... listening to my new podcast that keeps track of the time for you and chimes when you need to switch! Boy, not having to look at my watch or really worry about my stride and just listen to the music was a really nice escape. If you are doing this program (C25K), I would highly recommend either the podcast or the apps for iPhones!

Performance of the shoes and socks... rockin! It took a little while to feel normal in them because they are just so different than what I was wearing before. The saleslady also said that I should notice some relief from knee pain as well. I'm not too worried about that right now, the strap I'm using seems to be really doing the trick, but every little bit helps!

As for the program, tonight was the last time at this interval. Saturday I will be stepping up to the next level. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm really enjoying the challenge!


Elizabeth said...

That is so awesome! You guys have really motivated me to talk seriously with Daniel about some kind of family fit program. Keep up the great work and post about your success. Oh, and those shoes are soooo cute.

Beaver said...

Ha! I also remember buying my first pair of running shoes. What do you mean that shoes are made for different foot types?? This was news to me..haha. And I bought the most comfortable pair of cloud shoes I've ever worn--a pair I never would have considered based on the way the way they looked.

One of my favorite gadgets I used to train (I'm ipod-less) was my Timex Ironman watch. It is amazing. The most awesome feature, and the one I bought it for, was the interval timer function. I could set it for two separate intervals, so if I wanted to walk for 5, run/jog for 1, I could set it to go off every 5-1-5-1-5-1, etc, until I was done with my run.

So, if you're looking for another something nifty, it's a $40 investment, but it is the best $40 I ever spent. :)|B00020J16W&CPNG=jewelry&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

MommaLlama said...

Hey Erin,

Daddio has one of those watches with the interval things, and when he would train with us he would set it for us... but since we decided it wasn't working for him to train with us at night (because his regular training would be the next morning and he was starting to have issues with muscle pain) I was on my own for time keeping. Maybe after I get a second set of workout clothes (I only have one now and have to wash them right away).

Elizabeth, you know Daddio had been training since January and it took me till June to decide that I was willing to do it. I wasn't real sure how my body would handle it (especially starting during the summer... but hey come fall and winter it should be a snap for me, right?), but I really enjoy it even with the occasional aches and pains.

The shoes are super cute... so are the socks, one set has pink toes (of course), then a blue set and a gray set. I'm thinking my next set of shorts (or skirt, haven't decided) should be pink!

nicole said...

I have Brooks running shoes, but they are four years old and we're replacing them tomorrow. I have loved them. I was bummed I couldn't get cute colors last time, maybe I'll be lucky this time.

Have you worn a running skirt? I got one and I love it. And I feel cute in it, and running is always a little easier when you feel cute, right? Oh, just read your comment--get a skirt!

What kind of socks did you get?

MommaLlama said...

The socks are Asics, (Hera Low Cut 3pk for $12). They feel fantastic. I wore them just around the house yesterday because they were so comfortable!