Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Real

Do you ever have a day when one word can really sum up the entirety of the day? Rarely, right... but it can happen. Mine was yesterday, and my word: REALLY!

Oh, on so many occasions I found myself saying that word that it took on a life of it's own. It started out normal, really.

Snooker was in a mood to start off the morning, and instead of just leaving him to get up on his own, his brothers (loving little critters they are) decided to push the bed in (trundle style) with him still in it. Yeah, I know, like stirring up a hornets nest! So I looked at them as Snooker was having the first melt down of the day... "Really guys?"

Then there was the escalation in tempers when Bobcat was next to me during the run, and Bubba thought he should be next to me... and there was a constant back and forth which included my heels getting stepped on several times. "REALLY GUYS?" (slight crooking of the neck)

I simply can't replay every event, but the word went something like this:

rEAlly?, REALLY?, reaLLY?, ReaLlY?, reallY?, REAlly?, really?, ReAlLy?, rEaLlY?... over and over again, and my neck, well apparently at some point I must have decided to make an origami bird with my neck muscles (caw caw). Good grief! I was quite pleased to put that day to BED!

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