Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bean, the Bean, oh I love the Bean...

Veggie Tales anyone? (The bunny, the bunny, oh I love the bunny.) Back to what I was saying, the Bean has been spending a large amount of time with us (hence the no posting from me... I'm not so good or fast with one handed typing). I just returned him yesterday after a 7 day stay with us! It was such a magical time... not magical in the pagan sort of way, no, magical in the mystical sort of way. He's a great baby, he prefers being held (but not worn in a sling... really held), and has a fun personality. At just over 2 months now (technically 3 weeks if you count by his due date), he is doing pretty well in my opinion (not that my opinion counts for anything :-).

Here in the Llama household, everyone has taken a real shining to him! Heck, Snookie told me yesterday after we dropped Bean off that he would prefer we not do ANYTHING without Bean around because it just isn't fun without him. I thought that was pretty cute. And last night after I told Daddio we couldn't get him back this week because Bean's paternal grandmother was coming to get him for a few days... Daddio was frustrated and said that she wouldn't know how to care for him as well as we have. I also thought that was sweet... and heartbreaking. We are walking such a fine line with this situation. We love this little guy beyond words, but we know our time with him is so fleeting. Seriously... last week I went and picked Bean up without mentioning anything to Daddio (who was having a terrible day)... and Daddio came home to the Bean Surprise... and was overjoyed to see the little guy! How many people would be happy to see a baby (who doesn't belong to them) after a hard day at the office? That's just how special he is around here, he makes everything better!

So, anyway, that has been the reason for my absence at the computer... more posting to come!


La Familia said...

Why do I always cry hearing about your beautiful Beanie Baby? Daddio is a wonderful father, that's why he was thrilled to see Bean after a hard day's work. Love you all so very much! Thinking about you constantly during your absence from the computer.

nicole said...

A precious baby is a fabulous reason to be away from the computer. I know y'all are making the most of your time with him.