Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too early

I read this headline:
Pope's address disappoints Muslim leaders
...and thought to myself, "Why don't they like his address? Do they think Rome should be their territory now? What is his address anyway? If you send a letter, do you just write to "The Vatican, Rome, Italy" and some secretary somewhere reads his fan mail for him? If you send him a Christmas card, will he send a reply, like the President of the U.S. does?

Oh, right, the other kind of "address". It's too early in the morning for news. Or maybe I didn't sleep because this guy here woke up hungry several times.

Yup, we have company! My mother- and father-in-law have legal custody of the baby that was written about previously. They got us approved by their social worker as caretakers and invited us to keep him for the weekend so they could get their house back in order and rest up. We gladly obliged!

I'll go ahead and answer the question everybody is thinking right now. The answer is YES, we would. In a heartbeat. But it's very unlikely that he will need us on a more permanent basis. He will probably be in Houston with his birth father in a month or so. But we are sure glad to spend some time with him. Our last chance to play with a teeny tiny baby was with our other nephew whose fifth birthday we are going to celebrate this afternoon. So we are having fun and living in the moment. He didn't mind posing for a few photos. Okay, sixty... but I didn't put the flash in his eyes and he never complained. Very photogenic, ain't he?


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Oh my! He. is. precious!!!! I hope he ends up in the best home that will love and protect him. My God grant wisdom to whoever gets to make that decision!

nicole said...

What a blessing to get some time with him! He is absolutely precious. Y'all have such generous hearts, giving him love and attention when he needs it most, knowing he will not be with you soon. Enjoy every single minute!

La Familia said...

He's gorgeous! I'm crying looking at them. It's beautiful to get to see some pictures of the babe I've been praying so hard for.