Saturday, May 9, 2009


You have to appeciate the honesty. A recent exchange:

Me (finding Snookie sitting on the sofa, where Mommy put him to wait for me): So, why are you in trouble?

Snookie: Because I put my carrots into my cup of water.

Me: Why did you put your carrots into your cup?

Snookie: Because I didn't know Mommy was coming.

Me: (long pause) Yes, I understand you didn't think you would be caught. But WHY?

Snookie: I wanted to see what it would taste like.

Me: And what did it taste like?

Snookie: A wet carrot.

Me: (long pause) Don't do that any more.

Snookie: Okay. Do you want to see the picture I drew?

I've been telling my wife for years to not bother asking the boys WHY they do things. I should take my own advice.

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