Thursday, May 7, 2009

Strike up the band

Today Bobcat and Bubba had their last spelling tests for the year! Snookie has one more next week... don't ask... spelling has been a bit of a challenge for him.

What's left? Math and grammar review all summer. From my stand point... WE ARE DONE (well Bubba and Bobcat)!!! Woohoo!

So congrats to my little guys, and a little pat on my own back for another sucessful year of homeschooling! Boy am I looking forward to next semester already...

We will be adding a few new things to our daily studies: Latin & History

All I need to do now is finally come to a decision about the history curriculum that I want to use. I've been researching for an entire school year, but can't seem to make up my mind... the joys of having a few really awesome choices!

Oh, and it is so nice to know that we are done before we head off to our beach house in 9 days (but who's counting?).


nicole said...

Yea for y'all! What do you plan to do for math review over the summer? If there are any free, cheap, and/or easy/fun options out there, please pass them on. Princess will definitely need to keep her math skills sharp over the summer, as she struggles a bit with the subject.

So jealous of the beach house!

La Familia said...

Congrats! Of course I'm curious to know which history courses you're considering. I've got so many thoughts swirling around in my mind about homeschooling. I'm pondering about which direction I want to go in for next year. I've been wanting to post about it to help organize my thoughts, but I only get snippets of time and that doesn't help to let my confusing thoughts flow, you know?