Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hmmmm, okay...

So I went and got a hair cut today... it needed to be trimmed and re-shaped. Thankfully no one else was waiting so the nice (tattooed, blonde on top/black on bottom hair) took me back and started spraying my hair down and asking what I wanted done.

She proceeds with the hair cut, and after she finished I asked if she would just blow dry it out since I had another errand to run and don't want WETHEAD. And off to work she went, blowing, teasing, and going banana's on my hair. I should probably insert here that I'm not real fashion or hair savvy. Once she felt it was dry and massive enough she started putting in products of different sorts. I decided to make a little small talk and ask what she was using. After the names she said, "it's what I use in my own hair!" (Isn't it always interesting the hair styles of those we pay to cut our own hair.)

I did my best not to laugh, and all I could muster was "Hmmm, okay."

All in all I'm pleased with the cut... it isn't much different from what I had done back in February... just all cleaned up in time for vacation!


La Familia said...

She must think a lot of her hair to say something like that! I'm mean, too assume that you'd give the thumbs up to proceed with the hair products because she uses them on her own skunk head. :-)

nicole said...

And no picture? Shame on you! Just kidding of course. I love getting my hair done.