Friday, May 15, 2009

I've been published!

It's just a photo in an online travel guide, but still pretty exciting, I think. Apparently the editors of "schmap" saw my Texas Stadium photo on flickr and decided to include it. Follow this link:

...and you'll see it there credited with my name. Cool, huh?


La Familia said...

WAY COOL DADDIO! How in the world did you find out they were using your photo? Did they ask permission or something?

Bob said...

Very cool! By the way, whom are you rooting for in the Denver vs. L.A. playoffs? Will Mark Cuban allow you to root for the Nuggets?

Daddio said...

I suppose it's always fun to watch the overrated Lakers get beat, but in the end I'm rooting for the Magic. Sour grapes are definitely in season here.