Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8 Things

A friend of mine tagged me... so I will oblige with this meme!

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Bean coming back for another visit.
2. Camping (when it is cooler)
3. Getting our adoption group up and running.
4. Ordering my curriculum for the new school year (man, there are so many great things just in this topic).
5. Snookie turning 7 in August (have I mentioned how tough age 6 is around here?).
6. Mailing a few blankets I've recently made for the babies of some expecting mom friends!
7. Daddio turning 30 in August!!!!!
8. Going back to the beach next summer! (what... trust me I'm already looking forward to that!)

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Guided Bubba into finishing up his thank you notes from his first holy communion.
2. Picking up the pictures to put in the thank you notes and getting them mailed.
3. Rearranged the living room furniture (yep... by myself, it's a sickness I have).
4. Joined in on a weight loss/fitness (biggest loser sort of thing) contest with a group of ladies I went to college with (there will even be a cash prize for the winner... woohoo).
5. Cleaned the house.
6. Made potato salad (it was tasty with the chicken that Daddio grilled).
7. Watched the boys play in the pool.
8. Helped Snookie with Magnetix's.

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Convince CPS that Bean should be adopted by our family (wishful thinking... stupid CPS).
2. Get rid of Bobcat's Celiac Disease so he could eat what ever he wanted!
3. Conceive.
4. Knock out all the stress from Daddio's job... I guess I should win the lotto for this one!
5. Paint my master bedroom... (don't even get me started).
6. Go back to the beach for another vacation (right now) for an entire month!
7. Buy a corvette... what... I do wish I could do that!
8. Build a large play room on the top of my house... so the boys would have more room to build!

8 Shows I watch:
1. Top Gear (BBC show about cars)
2. The Office
3. 24
4. Little House on the Praire (so, I don't care... I like it)
5. 18 kids and Counting
6. Adoption Stories
7. Late Night with Conan
8. House Hunters (regular and international)

8 People I tag:
Oh... I won't tag anyone in particular... if you read this... you are TAGGED!


nicole said...

I am kind of bummed that my chances of winning the contest are very slim. You can get a lot of clothes for the amount of money we have offered.

I'm trying to decide how I want to celebrate my 30th birthday. Husband has already told me that if I want something to happen it is up to me to figure it out. He's not good at these kinds of things.

La Familia said...

Wow! That diet thing sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love for you to post about your homeschool plans. I'm just now putting pen to paper for planning.